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Playing Spoon: Judge Somers (Final Draft)

Step two: Final Draft (See above)

Note: The script was written with and for Commedia dell'arte characters. If done in this style, most of the meat and humor would be found through physical improvasion by the cast. I tryed to keep as many possibilties open for lazzis as possible, but the script would be completly open for altering as is always nessesary for Commedia... It has a life of it's own.   

Step 1: Selecting Text 

I decided to do The Spoon River Anthology because I felt like it was the most flexible text. As I was reading, I was struct by the contrast of the drunkard and the lawyer.

Original Text:

How does it happen, tell me,

That I who was most erudite of lawyers,

Who knew Blackstone and Coke

Almost by heart, who made the greatest speech

The court-house ever heard, and wrote

A brief that won the praise of Justice Breese

How does it happen, tell me,

That I lie here unmarked, forgotten,

While Chase Henry, the town drunkard,

Has a marble block, topped by an urn

Wherein Nature, in a mood ironical,

Has sown a flowering weed?


As I kept reading I realized the text supported a classical Commdia Dell'arte scene. I decided to take the piece explore the idea that we become more polarized culturally during intrapersonal conflicts, and explore the nature of Newfoundland people, given their isolated history since leaving Shakespear's, id-driven England. I did this by setting it at an East Coast kitchen party. I think the contrast of Pantalone as Judge Somers against the energy of the setting, and other fun-loving Commedia Characters will really help to underline the sulking, childish greed of the original piece.

Step Three: The Log Line

A Jealous, old pervert sets out to dance with a beautiful, young women and ends up dead. 




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