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Hello Everyone!

Recently, my 7 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD.  So being in the beginning stages, we're meeting with doctors and specialists to determine what can be done that may help.  Behavioral, health and learning changes are the biggest ones.  While his teacher is doing a lot in the classroom to help with the learning disability, I am hoping to make an interactive web site to help him at home.  I'm not sure how specialized I want to make it yet.  I'm told, and his personality agrees, that structure and routine are very good for him.  So I was thinking:

  • a kid-version daily/weekly planner (since I'm also told that focus needs to be near-term, not long term)
  • rewards that worked (and didn't work, but wonder if this is more for the parent(s)?)
  • tracking favorite snacks (and ones that he's tried and doesn't like - maybe another parent(s) one?)
  • homework tracker
  • maybe some games for the weekends

Thank you and looking forward to working with everyone in this class and on their projects!



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