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Play Piano For Kids - Volume 2, 3 and Beyond

Having been a private music instructor for the last 7 years, I've created many unique ways to engage young children to learn piano and basic music theory while having fun and enjoying the journey.  I created a character of a penguin named Pontus who can't play piano (obviously - he has no fingers!) but you can!  So it's your job to play the songs and make the penguin dance.

I made this last May 2012 and have stalled on the subsequent volumes as well as having little energy or direction to get marketing going.

I'm plowing ahead now but need some help with the sustenance and feedback of the lone entrepr..., woops, I mean artist.

My guts of this brand is to spread the joy of music through early childhood education for all.  By breaking down the steps to learn something very complex I can open the door to creation for all.  I hope to bring music literacy to the world in the way Salman Khan has opened the door for Math (and other subjects) to all.


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