Platformer - Jim Rickey

Platformer - Jim Rickey - student project

My final project!

Polkadot pattern from Background Labs (, and concrete texture from

[I should add - the fact that a lot of the shapes were handdrawn and not perfectly uniform was done on purpose, to give a little of the flaws one sees in the built environment]

Platformer - Jim Rickey - image 1 - student project

Huh - I didn't choose a vintage illustrated ad (I hadn't realised we were meant to, for some reason), but here goes!

Finally, the linework is done. Phew. Oh, and did I mention pretty much all of it was free-drawn, using the pen tool.

Yeah :P

Platformer - Jim Rickey - image 2 - student project

Well, I've chosen my ad (check my cover photo)Platformer - Jim Rickey - image 3 - student project! It's a very recent one, but I figured, while not too hectic, it wasn't too simple, either. And it should give me some great practice at getting my elements right.

Also, I love the homage to platformer games, and I'm certainly a sneaker fan (although this brand is new to me) :)

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