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Platform Number 3

Before Reading: The Story is set in Bangalore, India. I have used a lot of local references in the story, names, locations and hinglish slang. I know the story is juvenile, but its my first time, so i just wrote whatever came to mind. Would love some pointers on how to clean this up.

PS: I Suck with character names, so have used P1 and P2 to denote Person1 and Person2

Location: Terrace on 4th floor

Two people are talking:

P1: Hahaha, so Kareena kapoor was a ghost?

P2: Ya, man.. what a horrible twist.. Full mood off after that. I mean the first
half was really good, but the climax in the second half was, like, What the

P1: Did not expect Aamir to do a supernatural concept, though.. I have had
enough of this bullshit.

Enter P3 with P4:

P1: Hi Rohit.. long time havent seen you in weeks.. whats up?

P3: Hi guys, just been very busy. this is is my friend Jack.(P4 is Jack. He is
walking with crutches)

P1 and P2: Hi Jack.

P4(low voice): Hello

Rohit: Jack is just visting for a few hours. So what are you guys talking about?

P2: I just saw the new Aamir movie.. it was so bad.. in the end it turns out
that kareena is a ghost.

P1: Supernatural thing has been done to death. Everyone seems to fall for this

Jack(coughs): Lets talk about something else. Anything but supernatural stuff.

P1( interested): Why what happened?

Jack(hesitating): It is the reason i am in this condition(pointing to his legs)

P2: What happened? Tell us.

Jack: I dont think i should.

P1: Seriously tell us we may be able to help. Whats your story?

Jack looks at Rohit. Rohit shakes his head.

Rohit: You guys will not believe it. I find it hard to believe it myself, but
stuff happened and its just.. i cant explain or understand.

P1 and P2 ( really interested, demanding): please tell us

Rohit looks at Jack and Nods. P1 and P2 fully turn towards jack

Jack takes a deep breath.

Jack: It all started about 8 months ago.i was having nightmares every night. It
was so bad that i was literally afraid of falling asleep.

P1: Nightmares? What did u see in them?

Jack: It was just the same thing over and over again. A girl screaming. Lots of
people shouting and then everything kind of dissolved into the number 3.(Showing
on fingers) But 1 thing was really wierd, I could see the girl very clearly. It
was a unique face.

P2: No way!

Rohit: I told you that you will not believe it.

P1(showing his hand to P2): Wait, lets listen to the whole story.

jack: I know its hard to accept, but i can only say what i saw. The same girl,
early twenties i think, screaming her guts out. and the scream was like she was
being tortured or something.

P1: Then?

Jack: I became an insomniac. Was taking too much coffee and other medicines to
keep me awake. Consulted a psychatrist to see what the problem was..

P2: What did he say?

Jack: i Went to a Dr. Samir in Cox town. They have this thing where they can map
brain activity while sleeping, to cure sleep disorders. The hooked me onto this
device and i slept for 3 hours. I again had a nightmare in the clinic and woke
up abruptly.

P1: Then?

Jack: Dr Samir was stunned. he said that just before i woke up, my brain
activity was really really high. it was abnormal and he had seen nothing like
it. He said it was more than a nightmare, something he could not explain.

P2: Then what happened?

Jack: He gave me a couple of medicines to help me sleep. The nightmares reduced
a bit and i was able to sleep peacefully. But i remembered the girl and her
scream so vividly, in so much detail. I was scared ALL the time, stopped
laughing, my friends were also worried about me, but they could not do anything
to help me. Dr.Samir fixed weekly appointments and told me to avoid driving or
operating heavy machinery.(Deep breath) Then the really bad phase began.

P1: What?

Jack: I had a heavy viral fever and was confined to the bed. Doctor told me to
"Take rest". But that was the thing i wanted to avoid. And i ran out of my
prescriptions for anti psychotics which Dr Samir gave me.

P2: Then?

Jack: I had multiple nightmares everyday, the same thing again and again and
again. and with my fever becoming worse, it was just hell. I thought i will go
mad. Then the headaches started and i.. i just wanted to die, you know?

There is stunned silence for a few moments.

Jack(voice solemn and low): To someone who is not in the situation, it is
difficult to explain, but fever and migraines and nightmares together can make
you mad. So I thought, i just had to get out of the house. I decided to take the
metro to a friends' house in MG Road.

P1: Then?

Jack doesnt say anything.

P2(eyes full of intense concentration): Then what happened?

Jack looks at P1 and P2 for a moment and says: Then i saw her.

P2: Who?

Jack: The girl of my nightmares.

P2 is stunned.

P1(recoiling, loudly): No way!!

jack: There was no mistaking the face, it was her. Her face had tortured me for
six months. Sharp nose blue eyes , long flowing hair. She was wearing a red top
and a blue jeans. Waiting for the train.

p2: You're not joking are you?

Rohit: Wait for what happens next,that is even more bizzare.

P1: Why, wat did you do?

Jack: I was stunned, but then i wanted to talk to her. I dont know what i was
going to say, the situation was so wierd, i mean seeing the person in real,
suddenly I thought she can help me. And then i noticed something else.

P2: What?

Jack: She was just standing there with an expressionless face, just staring
straight ahead,not moving at all.

P1: Not Moving at all?

Jack: HOw do i say? i mean like this <<expression>>, you know?

P1(worried): Then?

Jack: Just as i stepped forward to meet her, the metro started coming onto the
platform. An she.. and she..

P2: What?

Jack: She looked at the train for a second and just ran and jumped infront of

P1 and P2 together( stand up from the seat in horror): [email protected]%$#@$# ?

Jack: Infront of my eyes, 4 feet away, she ran and jumped infront of the metro,
it dragged her 15 feet before stopping.

P1: oh My God!!

Jack: And she screamed. The same scream that haunted me day and night for half a
year. The real scream was much much worse.

P1(horrified): Shit, man! She died?

Jack: Ya. she died on the spot.

P2: Fuck.

Jack: It was unreal. There was commotion everywhere. So may people were
shouting. A lot of them Ran towards the exit. Some girls were crying, some were
on the phone calling ambulances and police. A lot of them were shooting video on
the phones. I saw all of it like i was in a haze, it seemed unreal.

P1: Wait.. Which station was this?

Jack: Indira Nagar.

P1: Oh my God.. there was a news in the papers a few months ago, about "the
first metro Suicide in Bangalore", about a suicide at the indra nagar station.

Rohit: Ya its the same.

P2: Yikes, dude. i am suddenly feeling really creepy and freaked out. It was in
the papers?

P1(To Jack): then what did you do?

Jack: Then my head seared with pain like it was going to blast. I ran like a
madman towards the exit. And then i saw in Big bold letters. Platform Number 3.

P1: Whoa!! Number 3..

Jack: That was the last thing i saw before i slipped from the stairs and came
tumbling down to the bottom and I fell unconscious.

P2: Shit.

Jack: then i woke up in hospital and saw that i had broken my foot.(Pointing to
his feet).

Silence for a few moments.

P2: Jack, dude, you have been through a lot.. :(

Rohit: Wierd case for the police too.. The girl left no suicide note, had no
financial difficulties, recently got a promotion, Engaged to her boyfriend of 2
years. Police dont know what made her kill herself.

Small pause.

jack: Believe it or not.. i think i was supposed to save her from committing

P2: What? Why do you say that?

Jack(miserably): Because ever since that day, only bad things have happened to
me. I got fired from my job for not working properly, I spent all my money on my
treatment, all my friends have deserted me and..(almost in tears) and my dear
faithful cat got mauled by a bunch of dogs.

P1: No! dogs killed your cat?

Rohit(surprised): Rani is dead? Why didn't you tell me?

Jack: i am sick of only saying bad news all the time! I have nothing good to
say. That is why i came to see you today, rohit. You are one of the few friends
i have left. Can you lend me some money?

Rohit: Sure man, here's 500(reaching for his pocket)

P1 and P2 also start to open their wallets. P1 takes out 500 and P2 takes out

They extend their hands towards jack.

Jack: No way, i am not taking you money.

P2: Take it man, we want to help.

jack: But you dont even know me!

P1: We know enough already. Just pay us back when you can.

Jack(slowly extends his hand): Thanks a lot you guys.. you are very generous.

P2:Glad we could help.

After a few moments,

Rohit(To Jack): You have an appointment today? With Dr Samir?

jack(quickly): Yes.

Rohit: I can drop you on my bike, you want to come?

Jack: Yes.

Jack Carefully adjusts his crutches and gets up.

jack: Thanks Guys, Your help really means a lot to me.

Jack and Rohit exit.

P1: What a creepy story. and i saw it in the papers.

P2: I may sound harsh , but i am so freaked out that i never want to see him
again. Even if that means i dont get the money back. What about you?

P1: I am thinking i need to avoid Platform number 3 of Indra Nagar station.

(Both of them laugh nervously)

Then the smile slowly disappears off P1's face

P1: Hey wait! There is not platform number 3 at indra nagar station.

P2(confused): What?

P1: One platform for trains from MG Road Side and the other one from Ulsoor
Side. There is no 3rd platform.

Very small pause

P2: Fuck! Run! they May still be in the parking..

---Cut to Parking---

P1: Shit! they are gone! With my 500.

P2(groaning): And my 1000

P1(pointing at a distance): Whats that?

Both go towards the object. It is a dustbin from where a set of crutches is
protruding out.

Both of them stare at it for sometime.

P1: Lets not tell anyone about this.

P2: I was also thinking the same thing.



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