Plants of Southern Africa

Plants of Southern Africa - student project

I went to the botanical garden to sketch and never made it past the first exhibit - the colors, shapes and textures of the plants of southern Africa were so intriguing, especially the proteas.

I wish I'd looked back at the reference photos a little more, or that I'd had time to paint at the garden - there were some details I forgot to include that I would have liked to add.

And I wish I'd started drawing a little bigger - filling the whole page was a challenge! But overall I had fun playing with color and texture and tried not to worry too much about being "perfect," since that wasn't my goal.

I used all gouache, but sometimes thick and sometimes thin like watercolor, plus black and white pens.

My favorite part is the tree in the top right corner of the drawing - there really was a tree with these cool white splotches and rows of black holes on it, like Morse code.

Plants of Southern Africa - image 1 - student project

Plants of Southern Africa - image 2 - student project