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Planting Trees

The quote I chose is from a song I love called "Planting Trees" by Andrew Peterson

"Lean into something lasting, planting trees."

Brainstorm Words:

Leaves                         Dirt                             Landscape                       Greenseeds                           dawn                         squirrel                             brown
branches                      sun                            sapling                              birch
rows                            shade                         time-lapse video               tree trunk
seed bag                      leaning                       sprout                               bark
woods                          horizon                      leaning on a tree               grass
twigs                            maple                         pine cone                          weeds
hoe                               oak                             pine tree
hands                           acorn                          limb
children                        future                          soil
growth                         world                          time
measure                       summer                      outdoors
yardstick                       spring

Mood Boards:

I love the victorian style illustrations of trees and plants.  I think I want a more muted color palette browns, blues, and greens.  I kept gravitating towards the scripty fonts.  I think I'd like to intertwine some of the words with the branches. 

Warm Up:

The glare off the page made it hard to see a few of the words.


And here are my two favorite storyboards:

My first sketch is of the story board on the left.

Sketch #1:

There is still a few tweeks I want to make.  The oval isn't quite perfect enough and I'd like to extend some of the leaves from the tree underneath the banner a bit.

Sketch #2:

I'm not finished with this one either.  I'd like to do a border on it as well.  

Sketch #3:

So I played with the scale a little in this one and repositioned the words but I'm thinking of taking out the tree entirely and just doing a seed or something.  Maybe an acorn or maple helicopter.  I also think I could change the planting trees to draw more attention to it.  probably by making it bigger and using a font that's not solid black.  I really like the "something lasting."

Sketch #4:

Changed the scale in this one.  I took Mary Kate's advise and scaled down the illustration while playing up the lettering.  I added some viney details to the planting trees and I seriously considered scrapping the oval. But for my application I kind of need this shape.  I'm going to be putting it on a slice of one of the branches from a tree my husband cut down in our yard.  I'm hoping to distress it and hang it up somewhere in our home.  I think this will probably be the design I go with.  The only thing I'd like to change is the maple helicopter.  I think its to big and takes away some of the emphasis from the words.  

Final Sketch:

So I do believe this is my final sketch.  I've added a few more embellishments and changed the maple seed detail underneath lasting.  I like it so much better now.  Well, next step is inking.  So give me your opinion.  What do you think?


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