Planter Hanger Crazy

Planter Hanger Crazy - student project

So I have been doing a macrame challenge for 90 days now, and I wanted to switch up doing normal wall hangings for something a bit simpler. I made like four of these already and have already given one to a friend (second image), so thanks for this class! Its been a huge break from having to come up with intricate patterns. Anyway, here are some pics from all the ones I worked on.

The first one, I did a baby one and just followed the directions from this class, except at the bottom I did a wrap knot. I used black twine for this.

Planter Hanger Crazy - image 1 - student project

Planter Hanger Crazy - image 2 - student project

For the top of the hanger I decided to do a small wrap knot. I used braided rope for this one. The following image I did a wrap knot and followed it up with a Chinese crown knot. I had to look up the latter one, because I always struggled with this one in grade school. Anyway, it gave it a bit more structure.

Planter Hanger Crazy - image 3 - student project

Planter Hanger Crazy - image 4 - student project

Had a lot of fun with these and am already getting requests from people to make some small ones for them! Thank you so much for teaching this class! If you are interested in making some macrame, check out my class if you get the chance! Cheers!

Andia Kolakowski

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