Planted Haus Studio Etsy

Planted Haus Studio Etsy - student project

Hello, my name is Rachel Engelbrecht and I recently started my Etsy shop called Planted Haus Studio. I have been a big plant enthusiast for the past few years and started an IG about a year ago to connect with fellow plant lovers and share my passion. It wasn't until I started my degree (Advertising) at UF that I discovered my love for graphic design and graphic art. I've always had side hustles, but never took them too seriously. Since starting Planted Haus Studio, I have felt more determined than ever to create a business that allows me to be more creatively and financially free. 

Right now I am selling digital art printables and physical art prints. I also plan to add some handmade products like macramé items and maybe even some plant cuttings. I have gotten a couple sales since starting and no reviews yet. I have some family and friends that keep mentioning they want to purchase, but nothing from them yet. My goal is to keep at it and stay consistent with social media and adding new listings to the shop. 

Any constructive criticism or tips or feedback is totally welcome!

Thank you Ben for this course, it really helped out!


Planted Haus Studio Etsy - image 1 - student project
Planted Haus Studio Etsy - image 2 - student project

Planted Haus Studio Etsy - image 3 - student project