Plant your Dreams and Watch them Grow!


I am Lucas Freeze, a recent graduate designer from Tennessee. I joined this class because I was fortunate enough to have met and hear Mary Kate McDevitt speak at last years annual DISH conference in Nashville,TN. That presentation is really what got me interested in her work, and the work of other hand letterers, and here I am taking her class.

For my quote, I chose one that has resonated with me for a long time, I am not sure from who it originated from, "Plant your Dreams, and Watch them Grow!"

I fought with thinking of a good quote to use ever since the first day of class, but I am usually on the brainstorming phase for a while trying to think of something great! I think this quote with allow me to stick to my roots and do something organic and modern letterpress styled.

Here are my inspiration boards and my idea list. Sketches to come soon!

UPDATE - 11-12

Over the past week and a half, I have been sketching away trying to put together some good ideas. I've also been browsing and blog hopping in search of more inspiration (you can never have enough!) Here is my progress so far. I think I am on to something with my most recent sketch.

Let me know what you think!

UPDATE - 11-14

Well based on some sketching, I narrowed it down to these few and cleaned up the one from earlier.

I'm still not convinced on the layout. So I sketched these thumbnails.

I'm quite partial to 'B' but I would love to know what stands out to you!

UPDATE - 11-20

Here is my pretty much final version, I am still open to feedback if any!

UPDATE - 11-29
I took the advice from Mary Kate McDevitt and some of my peers and finalized my piece. Here is the black and white version as well as one colored in my style.


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