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Ieva Bielskė

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Plant pot

Sooo, I really intended to do this project by Christmas but many things came up and here I am, posting it in spring :)

I decided to make a pot for my poor aloe vera plant, which urgently needed a new home. So it took me some time to fashion a pot out of air-dry clay and then paint it. Here's the pot ready for hand-lettering.


Then came the hardest part: thinking of what to write on it. I'm not a wordy person so it was hard but eventually I came up with two phrases to write on both sides of the pot (it's rectangular). At first it was phrases, pledges from my plant and myself for each other but I thought they were too long and wouldn't work on the pot or would take too much space. Here are the original sketches. Circled are the key words I took from each phrase to make the final design.


Here's the remade design which I transfered on the pot:


I forgot about keeping the surface plain and smooth and added light texture to the pot by brushing with a row of toothpicks to make a slightly wavy look. So once I wrote the words I needed to work into the narrow gaps with an artbrush and eventually my letters came out a bit wonky. While I believe in perfection in imperfection, that was too imperfect. So without thinking I lightly worked the surface with sandpaper and I liked what I saw. Then I did this to the entire pot and it came looking a bit like wood. Which was totally fine by me. Here's the finalised pot with the happy aloe vera already in it.



All the hard work paid off! :D


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