Plant journal

Plant journal - student project

Plant journal - image 1 - student projectHere’s the topic and layout

New sketchbook finished.  Chose the horizontal layout.  Starting on journey with this sketch and inking in the bumble bee.

Plant journal - image 2 - student project

More painting done.

Plant journal - image 3 - student project


Title considerations.

Plant journal - image 4 - student project


The finished page.  Having trouble with this paper, the fine tips of the pigment pens don't work well on the rough paper surface.

Plant journal - image 5 - student project

I got a bit carried away, and since I started I've also almost finished the fifth day.

The main difference for me that this class has brought about is how I deal with the Title area - and I love the idea of the free flow of the watercolour paint.  Most of the paint has been watercolour gouache as I had lots on my palette, but the last one was watercolour paint.  I am also a great fan of watercolour!

Celia Wilson
Painter, paint maker, printmaker