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Angelica Ovcharenko

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Plant a Tree


I have a lot of fun with lettering so I decided to share my project. Mary Kate, thank you for great classes and for my conversation with lettering!

At first I choose a phrase. I was searching in Internet for some interesting phrases and I like this one:

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." Chinese proverb.

I like this phrase because sometimes I regret of things I has not done, and think about how good it'll be if I has done it in the past. But it is truely good thought, that I always have a second best time, just need to start.

I was looking for some vintage package in internet and find some inspiration. I highlited some moments and principles. I decide, that for looking vintage my picture will content:

  • border or borders with pattern
  • frames and flags
  • lables
  • different letter-styles
  • some nice illustrations that match content

I redraw some nice elements from internet pictures in my work-notebook


And then I tried to do sketches and thumbnails. Oh, I really get a problem with doing sketches and thumbnails: I have done only one. I think that maybe I have less experience to make some different sketches. Or less fantasy :) In any case here he is, my only one:


I like that tree is in the middle, that "20 years" is highlited by the lable, like the flag and the style of word "now". I don't decided what I can do better, so I accept the fact that I have only one thumbnail (also it is big), and start to draw in my cool sketchbook with paper in vintage-style. I wanted to do drawing in it and color it with markers.

I start to redraw with pencil:



Here the final pencil sketch. Also I draw birds better because they were like fishes) I found some pictures in Internet and use them as referenses. And I added corners with apples. I think 20 years is good to get good harvest.

Then I took my markers


I picked up some colors that I thought would be good for my drawing and start to color


My cat come to look if I doing something interesting, but I think he don't interested in lettering as much as I :)


I noticed that I missed phrase "the second" and used to erase flag and redraw this part. And continue coloring.



It almost done, but I think it looks like that there is much white space. I continued adding details to make picture more complicated. I added more strokes, dots, simple geometric figures and curves. It's important not to do too much, but if it's too less I not happy enough)

So here the final drawing:


It's a pity that I have no scanner, it's hard for me to make good photos. I tried to make it better in photoshop.

And here instagram version:


Sory if my english a little bit strange :)


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