Plant It! Grow It!

Plant It! Grow It! - student project

Urban dweller meets indoor gardner. Thinking green in the concrete jungle. 

The idea for Plant It! Grow It! stems (pun not intended!) from a combination of interests in gardening, farming, the spirit of do-it-yourself and becoming more involved with ones' environment. That's the inspirational story. The other motivation was a knee-jerk reaction I had one day when I realized that I hadn't water any of my plants in my apartment in days, possibly weeks! My first thought was, wow, if I only had an app that would remind me to wate rmy plants. So that's the first seed of thought. And, it just so happened to fall in line with my other interests.

How do you garden or manage your plants when you live in a small and/or urban setting? What if you're a well-intentioned but forgetful amateur gardener? How do you keep your plants healthy and alive?

App Concept

  • Plant Management Journal - maintain notes on plants' progress and share notes with fellow gardeners
  • Indoor Plant Glossary - a glossary of photos, tips, and recommendations
  • Ability to pin or tag items from glossary to your own personal journal
  • Ability to add photos of your own plants
  • Ability to input details describing your plant and be able to "search" in the app to find out information that relates to what you're searching for. This would include information on how to take care of them, amount of water, light, temperature, etc.
  • Importantly - in my case! - be also to take the information and recommendations to set a schedule or some sort of notification/alarm to remind you to water/feed/etc. your plants.

This is the general idea. Certainly, more details will need to be mapped out. But here's my initial project idea.