Lidija Miklavcic

Design, Mixed Media Art, Surface Pattern Design



Plant Bucket for my Happy Tree and my Eyes feeling home

I was thinking to share a few more photos of my bucket, the one that are not in the video, but they was fun for me at the point of doing them.


How simple sketch could be improved with background colour and simple graphic line with some random doodles for fun.


Just before I make a bucket, I did look them all in one look to see the road of thread and their stories.


I know I did sew this, but when I want to make pictures from it I never could decide whose portrait I want to look. Like I'm looking on this one and I'm interested the same time who is behind.


My happy three that is stayed alive and in a good company.
PS thanks you all that I'm in a good company with you too.

Have a nice, inspired and creative day, Mik


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