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Planning my console

Having watched Justina's fabulous tips on styling your space, first thing I did, was tidying up every bit that lay around and that I had decided to ignore for the last couple of months.

My highest goal is to style my shelves and that's why I'm really eager to see the next lessons. In the meanwhile I decided to choose the console decorating part and this is actually a part of out bedroom that has to become a little more colorful. Actually I have two projects regarding that matter.

My old chest of drawers, tidied up but with a huge need of decoration. Let's see what I'll come up with taking into mind Justina's 8 principles.

And another one, right next to our bed, sort of over-decorated and needs some re-thought.

I also need a solution for my little bench, serving as bedside table, which ended up being hidden by a pile of books. If you have any idea of how to cover those power outlets, please let me know.

I'll show you my results as soon as possible.

See you soon,


So here is my console-work over. It took me quite some time and it was a lot of adding and removing. In the end I removed a few items because after all I don't like it too overcrowded and, as Justina pointed out: the eye must rest. Even more in the bedroom, I thought, but I couln't resist adding the little kitschy element, the Queen, who waves when the sun shines, due to a solar cell.

I don't like plants too much but I can live well with these little flowers and I like the color - pink and yellow are my favorites at the moment anyway. If you want to see the whole process of styling my console, please check my blog, since unfortunately I don't manage to upload a gif animation here.

I'm so happy with the result. So thanks a lot to Justina for her teaching the main principles of styling in this class!

Here is what I changed and the rules I applied:

needs: display jewellery, hide small items

shape: square and round items

color: white, pink and yellow

pattern: 2 pictures

textures: wood, glass, rattan

placement: framed, candle-holder and image on the left frame the lower objects

bling: the golden frame and definitely the Queen figure

botanicals: dried flowers (whose name I don't know) and a small branch of the Japanese cherry we used for Easter decoration



P.S.: I almost forgot to show you my solution to hide the power outlets. This is a wine-holder, a friend of mine gave to me as a present some time ago. Now it serves as a book holder.

 ==> No pile of books to hide the little bench and the phone charger is well hidden behind the round box which holds neccessary items. BTW the power outlets are hidden behind the wine bottle-holder.


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