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Planning a Life You Love: How to Turn Your Agenda into Your Personal Assistant

Utilizing an agenda is an essential skill that allows you to focus on what matters. Designing an agenda that inspires you, fuels you, and encourages you to be your best self is an incredibly beneficial skill to add to your skill set. Dreaming about a life you would love is one thing, but actually creating that life for yourself is another. In this class, I will be teaching the skills you need to organize your daily to do's, refine your long-term goals, and design a unique and efficient planning system that works for you, in order to create a life you love. 

In this class, you will...

  • Learn how to customize a journal organizer (under $10!) and get a brief introduction to other planning systems (including spiral bound, journals, and six ring binders)
  • Be introduced to materials that enable you to use a planner more effectively, including digital planning!
  • Develop skills that allow you to get a deeper understanding of your tasks, priorities, and goals
  • Effectively organize your agenda in a way that complements your aspirations
  • Become more productive, creative, and efficient! 

UPDATE 7/21/16 My planning class is now published! Make sure to enroll and let me know what you think :) You can find the class here: http://skl.sh/29XzFxA


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