Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes - student project

Thanks for another great class about clever and process-speeding-up techniques in Adobe Illustrator. It's fascinating how much stuff one can learn in such a short time.

I just started with some basic shapes and ended up with this little monkey holding a little planet with his kinetic super powers.

Planet of the Apes - image 1 - student project


I never thought that it will be possible to re-create my sketch without using the en tool at all. But it worked. This is how I did it:

a) The helmet is just a rectangle united with a sphere and placed inside again by "Offset path". The ears and nearly all face features are created with one sphere by using various Pathfinder options.

Planet of the Apes - image 2 - student project

b) The pants I created by drawing a rectangle and subtracting a sphere from each side of it. For the little badge I re-used the helmet.

Planet of the Apes - image 3 - student project

c) To work out the "line-work" for the arms and legs I duplicated the helmet and cut the path to me needs and adjusted the line weight, for example to create the gloves.

Planet of the Apes - image 4 - student project


Planet of the Apes - image 5 - student project

You can find the final piece with texture-shading in the Project Gallery of Hayden's Texture Class