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Planet X teaches! An educational Comic series/New Cloud series in the works!

I currently have a series known as Cosmic Funnies. It's basically astronomy made fun for all kids (and all ages of course. ) Every week, I post an entry based on a scientific find wether it was information from an article, book or just coming across something interesting at the musuem. 

This week's entry will focus on another Planet X teaches series. It's the more educational part of the cosmic funnies series. Here are samples to compare from the typical everyday cosmic funnies antics vs Planet X teaches: 

This week's entry will focus on a 3-4 part series on Neutron Stars and its cousins. I did a quick sketch of the panels for the comic which are displayed below:

Update: Comic is done and ready to view! :D Enjoy!

All of my comic entries are submitted to my blog every friday! So this entry will also be

submitted here: http://cosmicfunnies.tumblr.com/ 


Added Part two! :)

UPDATE: Part three and the finale of Neutron Stars and its cousins!


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