Planet Interpretation

Venus in Cancer


Venus in Cancer holds people that have become her friends and intimate partners close to her home and to her heart. Venus in Cancer is sensitive to hurt and weary of people at first but once she trusts that a person has her best interest in mind she will allow them inside her shell. Here she is nurturing, protective and at times a little possessive but relationships begun will be for the long term if it is up to her. Venus in Cancer values security above all else in finances and relationship. When she feels that she is at risk of losing something it can cause a feeling of deep insecurity and she may hold on tight with her crab claws even if the thing she is losing has expired and needs to leave for something new and inspiring to take its place.

Venus in Cancer gains the most joy in having people she loves in her home, by candlelight eating a meal lovingly cooked by her.




Mars in Scorpio


Mars in Scorpio is passion deeply felt. When Mars in Scorpio wants something that she feels passionate about, she will get it. She is driven by her emotional experience and if the passion fades so too will her drive and motivation to keep going. Mars in Scorpio has an intensity in her eyes that can be unsettling to others, a depth to her yearning. In conflict with a partner or close other it is hard for Mars in Scorpio to let go until she has the final word. She knows she is right and will sting with her Scorpion tail if needed!