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Mahli Pengilly

Student at Grenadi Online



Planet Illustration


These photos are images I was thinking of using as inspiration for my cd cover.

I am going to be creating an illustration for a CD cover. This should be fun and informative!! Looking forward to it :)

My Album will be from an artist called Karise Eden (winner of the voice) used to be a homeless girl, is my age (20) and has the most amazing soulful voice. They say shes a reincarnation of Janet Jopplin. But I think her voice is probably more unique than Janets and probably still could do with some refinement. I am going to have the record company as "Planet Records" which I'm fairly sure don't exist lol... The cover photo is probably the one I'm gonna do sketches of, I feel it needs to be earthy and soulful like Karise... I'll search through other photos I've taken and see if there any others that could potentially make a nice illustration. I usually base all my art work off of photos, not in my head.. But than I tend to make them my own, change a few things, if they're my own photos than obviously I don't need to do that. Better stop writing now and actually get on with it! Lol


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