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Planeacion de Espacios

Hi Tomas and everybody else.  I did several presentations and concluded that even though I tried to use some of the principals of the class, I have problems with my presentation.

Maybe the problem I face is to whom the presentation is for and what for?  I did a general service presentation of our firm .  An architectural firm specialized on space planning.  Our clients are usually offices.  At the beginning I did it with few words but after showing it to my husband, the director, we realized it lacked information.  The purpose of this presentation is to sell our services.  They already know what we do and probably who we are.  But they need to be convinced of our services.  We go to an already booked meeting.  They need new space with a convincing budget, a specified calendar and a waranty of quality construction.  Even though we are selling our service, constrution, we are selling that in particular, do you know what I mean?  They already have the need so explaining our service sound absurd.  They want to know how much money they need to spend, how long will it take to do it and who are your customers.  It's a more specific presentation, don't you agree?

So we usually have to write down amounts, a calendar and photos of clients.  So i did change it from the first presentation I came up with.

Oh, also, I live in Mexico City and the presentation is in spanish.  I have to translate it in the near future due to the fact we also have presentations in english but haven't done it yet.  The titile is Space Planning our name, inteligent spaces...

Who do I upload the ppt?


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