Plane/Pilot/Engineer - student project
  1. Productivity Equation

    Which do I struggle with the most? being plane, pilot, or engineer? in what ways?

    I actually struggle with three of the stages.  But to answer the question, I'll start from the least to the most stage that I struggle with.  Start from being a Pilot, the reason I think that being a Pilot is the least hard because I see myself as a good planner. What I mean by a good planner is having the ability to prioritize and to recognize between things that will be beneficial to the vision and the goal in life, but I lack the ability to write down the plan. I only plan things in my head, because in the past I used to remember all the things that I need to accomplish in a day, but it changed lately because more and more things come to life, and it becomes harder to keep on track. I really want to start writing down my agenda in a day, but it never happens. I keep procrastinating, make excuses like I don't have time in the morning to write down my to-do list, or as simple as I don't know how to write it down or manifest my mind into the note.

    And then being an engineer, I can evaluate, I can think out a better approach in life, how to be more efficient. The thing that makes it harder than piloting life is I rarely think about it, think about how can I do things better, I put myself more into thinking about the new things I want to do or I want to try. If I procrastinate on something I plan doing then it will be on the next level for the thing I don't even really thinking about.

    Finally, the main answer to the question, being A Plane is the most challenging one. I like to procrastinate, am easily distracted, and being unfocused. Those things really are the main problems I need to fix, and also the main reason why I'm taking on this course. The other reason is currently, I'm in a job that doesn't really inspire me, this situation is making me evermore unproductive. I really hope after the course I'll able to manage my time so I can chase on something outside my jobs that will be able to inspire me or in this course mentioned as Fun factors.


  2. The Myth "I don't have time"   

    What am I avoiding with the phrase "I don't have time?"

    I'm avoiding my mind from making an excuse by using the phrase "I don't have time", instead of thinking about that I have to train my mind to able to manage and use the time efficiently and effectively. It's never about the time, it's only about how I use it, how I make a priority in life and take more control into the time we have.

  3. AA