Planbook - Teacher's Lesson Planner

Planbook - Teacher's Lesson Planner - student project


My idea is to make an application that will help teachers who give private tuitions. It will store all the student and lesson data for them. Some kind of lesson planner

The Idea

 + Inserting students

 + Creating lessons for them

 + creating a weekly schedule for all the events

 + Assign homework to students

 + Keeping track of what was done and which is the next lesson

 + Dealing with delays and event cancelations

 + Teaching Mode™ that will help teachers to view those notes during the lesson.

I'm currently working on the interface. I'm also searching for a cool name and an icon.
App Design

Planbook - Teacher's Lesson Planner - image 1 - student project

Student Tab

At the student tab the user can manage all the information of the app. All other tabs are not mandatory but they help the user to find the information easier.
First we have to add a student. The form will contain:
  • Name, surname
  • The title of the course
  • Contact information
  • Location Tagging
  • Rate of the lessons
  • Duration of the lessons
  • How many lessons/week
Then the user will have to enter the schedule for this student. The form will contain:
  • Appointments that they will be repeated every week
  • Custom appointments

I'm thinking to include an option to save all the data in the device's calendar. Then we have to enter the lessons by filling a form with:

  • The title of the lesson
  • The goals
  • We will have the ability to enter objectives (many)
  • The type of the lesson
  • The duration (How many appointments)

Finally we can create homework/assignments. The form will include:

  • A title
  • A description
  • The type
  • A period

The app will create a calendar with all the lesson appointments. The user will have the option to cancel a lesson or to set it later.

Teaching Mode™
Ok I'm just kidding! There is no trademark! But I think this feature is unique. It's a dynamically created lesson plan that helps the teacher to remember every little detail about his lessons. The app will display:
  • lesson goals
  • objectives with the ability to mark as done
  • homework
  • a brief of the previous lesson
  • a brief of the next lesson
  • all the deliverables for today
The user can run a lesson at any time. If we click at the tick icon the lesson will be marked as completed. The app will ask you to mark all the expired appointments as completed lessons.

Planbook - Teacher's Lesson Planner - image 2 - student project

Next steps
I'm currently working on the next screens. I also want to learn how can I design all these screens with Xcode. I don't have any idea :)
If you are a teacher or if you have any ideas for this project please take a look at the forms and the features and let me know. I'm planning to release this app to the AppStore. I want your opinion about:
  • The logo
  • The interface
  • The features
  • The way that it stores information
  • The way that it works
Nick Tsourektsidis

Web developer, designer