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Grace Winkler

owner of wink design



Plan Be: Sermon Series

Starting to brand an upcoming sermon series called Plan Be. There is a lot of challenges and visuals that can be accompanied with this sermon series so I wanted to make 4 seperate illsutrations that show case some of those things. this is one of the four. 

Started as he said and drew up some little messy sketches to get an idea of some shapes and layouts.

Took them into the computer and used only simple shapes to draw them. This also gave me an opportunity to see whether I needed to add objects or subtract objects.

Took his Color Theory class along with this to get better insight to what colors to choose. This will be happening at the end of summer and is supposed compliment the idea of everyday life. So I wanted the tones to match the time of year but not to be so glamourous as to try to sell you something.

Once I had the color all in, I brough in the type and tried to lay it out with the type. Next step will probably be to play with some texture but I am very pleased with how this has turned out! Can't wait to start on the other 4! 


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