Plainview Skate Shop

Plainview Skate Shop - student project

Hey everybody!

For my shirt design I decided to make a shirt for my local skate shop here in Savannah Georgia. I previously created a shirt for them ( can be seen here. ) The owner wanted something simple and straight to the point. For this one I have urged him to do something different. After deciding on a full graphic on the back of a shirt. The idea of a classic back yard bbq/skate jam came to mind. He seemed pretty excited about that so I went in that direction. 

This is my very very rough sketch of a "good vibes" shirt I want to create. I want it to look like an old Thrasher poster or something close. The shirt will most likely be printed on a white shirt with black ink. Im thinking halftones would give this more depth and still fit that retro look and feel. Feedback welcome. 

Plainview Skate Shop - image 1 - student project