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Sarah Steele

Graphic Designer



Plaid Shoe Inspiration

I had completed this class with another account a long time ago and wanted it on this account now. So I'm "re-taking" this class. That way all my classes are on the same account. :)


Inspired this morning, I painted the plaid shoe. It was a bit challenging to make it look like material and not like hard "painted" lines.

I decided to print out Katie's sketches to practice the technique (and not get caught up in getting the sketch just right) for now.

Patent leather:



I went searching for shoe inspiration and these are the ones I pinned. I tried to get different textures and styles (although I do see a bow theme going on, what's up with that).  :)

Here's my color chart. I really liked doing this even though it was time consuming. (sorry for the blurry photo) No excuse really. I'm just being lazy because it's bigger than my scanner and I don't feel like stitching it together in photoshop. Ha!


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