Plaid Flannel Strap for Sony a7S

Plaid Flannel Strap for Sony a7S - student project

So for my project, I wanted to make something that was a little more masculine so I picked out some black and grey plaid flannel to complement my Sony a7S.

Since the flannel is a little bit heavier and thicker of a material than what Diana used in her videos, I didn't really want as wide of a strap. Instead of the 18" wide piece of fabric, I used one that was about 6" wide instead. The strap ended up being about 2.25" wide once the seam was sewn and the tube inverted.

Plaid Flannel Strap for Sony a7S - image 1 - student project

The Sony a7S is a little bit bigger of a camera (and my lens is a little heavy) so I opted for the large leather end pieces. I found a dark, sleek black leather for my leather pieces. I also wanted some hardware that was easily removeable but strong and not so hard that it would scratch up my camera. I found some black plastic swivel clips at the craft store that seem to work really well.

Plaid Flannel Strap for Sony a7S - image 2 - student project

For attaching to the camera, I used keyrings, one of which is attaching to the tripod thread on the bottom of the camera with one of these little metal screw lugs made for a quick release attachment. 

Plaid Flannel Strap for Sony a7S - image 3 - student project

The other side of the strap attaches via a keyring to the lug on the camera opposite the grip. 

Plaid Flannel Strap for Sony a7S - image 4 - student project

Overall, I really like how the strap looks and feels! It's super comfy for wearing all day and it really matches my personal taste. 

Ian Norman

Photographer / Creator of Lonely Speck