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Charis Rountree

Hand Letterer and Calligrapher



Places to Travel

From the beginning, I knew I wanted this to be an illustration zine. I am taking the 30 day illustration course because, obviously, I want to improve my skills. I've never been a "drawer", but I have always wanted to be. So, that's how I ended up here.

So, I had several ideas for this zine, like "A Day in the Life of My Puppy" or "My Favorite Characters from Parks & Recreation". But I settled on "Places to Travel". I chose the top 7 places in the world that I want to visit and went from there. I searched travel posters to get a general idea of landmarks to use, and used some of them as a guide to help my drawing process (it felt kind of like cheating, but I'm a beginner, so I kept telling myself I have to start somewhere). 

This is what it looked like after my initial drawings:


It felt a little bland to me, so I decided to color it. I've always loved coloring even though I've never been great at drawing. So, I whipped out the Prismacolors and went crazy!


I think the coloring part was my favorite. It really brought all of it to life.

I decided not to do anything with the inside because I want to move on and try making another zine with one of my other ideas. I want to start developing my illustration style now instead of just looking at pictures for guides (which I know will all come in time..I just get impatient). 

I hope you enjoy it! And any feedback would be appreciated.



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