Places, Spaces, Eats, & Treats

Places, Spaces, Eats, & Treats - student project

In general I would like to work on maps that highlight food and coffee spots in different neighborhoods.  I am hoping to start a food and travel blog, and I'd love to include maps and guides of my favorite cafes, good places to work and find wifi, my favorite eats, quick cheap meals, etc.

I'd like to work on lots of different maps for different neighborhoods and different cities.  I get to travel a bit, and I think it would be a fun to explore a new place as well as share my experiences and research when I travel.

The below sketches don't really capture the information I would put together for a travel and food map for a blog, but I want to do a few neighborhood sketches while on the road.

Some basic quick sketches I did in the car:

Coffee & Wifi Spots in my Current Hood

Places, Spaces, Eats, & Treats - image 1 - student project

A Street Map of my Future Neighborhood

Places, Spaces, Eats, & Treats - image 2 - student project