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Carolina Frandsen P Costa

Biologist + Ilustrator




I'm a little bit late to August session's "The Illustration Session: 30 Days of Drawing by Hand" but couldn't digitize the drawings earlier. This was a very difficult project to develop for me.

First, it has beenhard to choose a band. I wrote down the name of several of my favorite bands in strips of paper and asked my husband to pick one for me. We did the raffle twice because he hates Placebo, but fate prevailed and it was the first option both times. 

Then, I didn't know what to draw. I listened to a long Placebo's playlist and started doodling. I wasn't fully satisfied with any of the drawings, but tried to believe that them would look better in other colors when digitized. There are some alternatives:



Anyway, I made several color tests before deciding the final version.


My intention was creating an environment of introspection and disconection. The penguin-like creatures are in the end of a night out.  I've ended up with this:


In terms of color layers, I have to be honest and say that I'm not very confident if this poster would work as printing material. My hope is that the gray areas will be distinguished from each other by the amount of black. Also, in the interface between magenta and blue, purple intersections will appear! 


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