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Placebo inc

Hello, this is Placebo inc, a Brazilian t-shirt brand fuzzy minded

In a attemp to stick some ideas and learn a lot I started Placebo inc, with a concept of trying to disrupt some concepts of what "should be done" when having a t-shirt brand. I sketch a lot of ideas based on this course and tried some in this project to show you :)

I found this task awesome and did not realized how intense it was to do, I tried to run from t-shirts but woa, they are everywhere. The objective is to feel good about what you are seeing.

    Who am I and what is my situation?

Well, as said, a Brazilian t-shirt brand with fuzzy mind. The current situation is an unstable concept of what should the brand delivery to people and how can we achieve this.

     What are we trying to achieve?

We consciously wear clothes that show others who we are or show some inner feeling that we can't just talk out loud. How would be the best way to tell people this, making confortable and expected the feeling of awesomeness.

     Who is your costumer?

Young minded people aged 20-35 who is looking forward to identification of "recognizable wearing"

    What am I trying to say?

I am trying to tell people that they can wear a beautiful recognizable brand that can tell people around them about their own feelings, ideas and tastes.

    Who are my biggest competitors?

This one was hard, but I can list some brands that look in the same direction like Vandal, TeeNOW and Use Huck.

    What does make me unique?

The need of raising the awareness of what your wear and how this represent you. Offering high quality in every point of touch with the customer with lots of unexpected actions and items.


Creative, Recognizable, Genuine, Aggressive

I've been working with my brand before I started this couse and already made some progress in my color palette. The 4 colours palette I choosed is mainly because I'm working to have 4 main themes in focus each connected to a human emotion and they kind reflect each theme.

The only real font defined is Futura for some brand materials

I'll keep updating


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