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Pixie Performer

The brief plan that I started with was to create a "little person". I quickly expanded this into a little person dancer/performer. After some research on the types of little people I expanded the idea again into a Pixie dancer/performer.

I used one of my own brushes which I modified from an old dragon scale brush that I had created a while back. I flattened the brush and added a texture to it to give a touch of chalk like texture.

I had never looked into this method of character creation even after seeing a number of people using it. I've found it quite a relaxing way of coming up with ideas while not stressing over internal parts or details.


Added the stickmen drawings to help view the poses.

Update 2 -

I chose four that I could see the most ideas in and worked them up. I kept having to remind myself to try and work it up roughly as I naturally want to draw neatly.

To explain what was going through my head for each design-

1. Performing as a traveler/thief

2. Performing as a fairy

3. A Dancer

4. Performing as a noble / Singer

Update 3 -

I chose the Dancer from the previous step and created variations for it.

I feel that I added slightly too much detail at this stage on the designs but still happy with what I've got so far.

Not sure which I'll move on to the final step though I quite like the second from the left and the first from the right.

Which is your favorite? Any other feedback is also welcomed.


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