Pixie Me

Pixie Me - student project

Pixie Me - image 1 - student project

Excercise #1- Loosening Up- This is on the backpage of my version of Hokusai's The Great Wave off Kanagawa... so the black ink had already bled through, and i went crazy with my blue brush pen

Pixie Me - image 2 - student project

Exercise #2- Self Portrait with my not dominant handPixie Me - image 3 - student project

Exercise #3- Drawing with my eyes closed (The left and central ones were also done with my Not Dominant hand, not surprisingly I seem to have drawn more confident when I could't see, thus less worried!)


Excersie #4- Tada! I worked with Photoshop for this one and with only my touchpad, i closed my eyes between strkes of the brush and selecting colors, altough I did change them a bit in the end. And while drawing my neck, I realised those lines looked like stick legs so made them look more so, that was so much fun!

Pixie Me - image 4 - student project