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Pixelworks Calling Card

Wrote down all the information I wanted to appear on the card.

Enlarged the spacing in between letters of "Pixelworks" so the right edge aligns with "Web Design & Development" below it.

Experimented with right-aligning everything

Used the right-aligned text with the idea of putting an image or logo on the right of it

Experimented reducing the spacing in between lines so I can create text that aligns to the top and bottom of a square image. Had to change the typeface of the address and email details to a less-heavy one.

Experimented in stacking the image and the text. Had to adjust the spacing in between letters to align long lines of text with the left and right of the image above it. Reduced the name of the person to tone down the weight and size.

Found the address number and zip code oddly big, so I reduced it by 1 pt. for the number, and 2 pts for the zip code.

Tried to experiment with the typeface of the company name to something more modern, but still sans-serif. Also, not very happy with the ampersand in between "Web Design" and "Development" so I changed it with a "+" instead. Seems more modern this way.

Just wanted to tweak the letter "X" of the company name and make it more "digital." 

Moved the entire "rectangle" of content so that there are two grid panels with equal margins in between them, and at the edges.

Finding a way to incorporate the company color which is apple-green. Just to emphasize the "X", it is the only one colored.

Found the "Web Design + Development" too irregularly shaped and wanted it more box-like so I set everything in capital letters. I think it looks neater this way.

Trying out the calling card with an image from one of the client websites of the company. I'm imagining moving the name "Reige Grey" to the left, but I like how it creates a straight line on the right of the text.

I am thinking that with digital printing, it will be cool to put different photos from client websites as the image in the calling card.


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