Pixelove - student project

Pixelove - image 1 - student project

I want to create a pinterest for web designers and front end engineers. I feel that there currently isn't a good place to go to for inspiration that's easily searchable. You can't exactly search "best sign up flows" or "cool profile page layouts" in Google and expect to get good results. I want Pixelove to be the central place for any designer seeking inspiration for good UX/UI.

Github: https://github.com/nishacodes/pixelove

Heroku (pixelove app): http://infinite-ravine-6174.herokuapp.com/

Heroku (omrails practice): http://obscure-gorge-6232.herokuapp.com/



MATTAN - Please excuse the images showing up all buggy on the pins. I had hoped to have the site in a better place for you to look at but have spent the past couple of days cleaning up my mess :). I think I finally figure out the multiple image thing, but right now my code is a little messed up otherwise so I'm not going to push to heroku until i fix it, because I had to revert back to an older version.

I would love to hear your feedback on where I'm going with this idea and any suggestions you may have of how to accomplish it.

Using clipboard.com as my inspiration (whose technology I think is incredibly too complex for me), I would really like to build an app that allows users take screenshots via a bookmarklet tool. So instead of grabbing an image from a site like Pinterest does, I'd like the bookmarklet to trigger the screenshot function (on a mac, let's say), and then keep and store those images on a pin, instead of saving them to a users desktop. The idea is to be able to easily grab design examples from other sites, including different flows like sign up processes, and then to have all this inspiration in one place that's easy to leverage.

Do you know if this is possible and any resources I can use?  

Thanks again for an awesome class! I'll definitely keep a lookout for future classes. 



Finally configured S3 properly for file storage. I had broken something in doing so (referenced too many different people's instructions!) but then found Liane's instructions which helped alot. Thanks Liane if you see this! The key was I was missing the S3.yml file. 

I also figured out how to create preset categories using acts as taggable on, and creating a new context. Feels good to accomplish new features!



Here's what I have so far: 

Pixelove - image 2 - student project

After the OmRails tutorials ended, I made the following changes and additions:

  • restyled the pins, header and hero space
  • used CSS to create some hover effects on each pin 
  • created a tagging system with the gem "acts-as-taggable-on". I'm pretty impressed with this functionality, it also lets you filter by tag. 

Still on my list of to do's:

  • Make the categories work - having trouble figuring out how to create the right associations with this model or creating another tagging system that's called categories
  • Add search function w/ability to search tags
  • Let users add multiple photos to one pin and use javascript to scroll through them
  • Add a bookmarklet feature (I really want the bookmarklet to let the user take a screenshot instead of grabbing an image - is this possible?
  • Endless scrolling
  • Ajax to keep Show Pin view on the same page instead of redirecting to new page
  • Redesign the show view
  • Okay, this is a pretty long list, I'll do these things first before adding more


basic logo 2.12.13

Pixelove - image 3 - student project