Pixelmooshing - student project

That was amazingly fun! Thank you for sharing your techniques! I liked liquefy before, but I like it a lot more now. I’m not sure if these fit into any particular one of the three styles— i kind of went off on my own after a bit, experimenting with different brushes and different starting backgrounds, but still only getting started… I could do this, like, forever. These are the ones I liked the best— hope you like them!Pixelmooshing - image 1 - student projectMonochrome- I think this one is pretty much straight up Moody.

Pixelmooshing - image 2 - student projectFlobules

Pixelmooshing - image 3 - student projectGalactic Tadpole

Pixelmooshing - image 4 - student projectHokusai’s Cheese Dream

Pixelmooshing - image 5 - student projectSerious Moonlight. It looked like a landscape so I turned it into one. Sort of.