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Pixel Arrows


I've discovered Processing, Joshua Davis and his course on Skillshare through Libs Elliot's work. Just like her, I make and design quilts and love fabric. I blog about my projects here. I'm a bit obsessed with patterns too. This have been my passion since I'm a stay at home mom (5 years ago). I have a background in engineering and before that I was working in 3D software company.

So when I read about generative arts, Processing and how Libs Elliot used it to generate patterns for her quilts, I thought what a great way to combine two of my interests. I think this a great tool not only for quilts, but for generating patterns in general and introducing some randomness into them.

Here is the project I worked on to get familiar with the tool. I wanted to generate a tileable pattern. I wanted to play with pixels and to decide their color based on a grayscale image. Here is the grayscale image I designed. I played with simple arrows, which seem quite popular these days (at least in fabric and quilt designs), and I used different shades of lime green to color the arrow pixels.

Here is the result:

I really appreciated the course and this project was a good introduction to the Processing possibilities which seem endless!





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