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Pittsburgh Riverhounds

UPDATE - VECTORS - 6/21/2014

After more than a year of madness, I've finally gotten around to turning the sketches into graphics.

Here we go:


UPDATE - SKETCHES - 6/5/2013

Ok, I've been way behind (signed up for too many S.S. classes at once!) but I finally got some sketches down and some colors down. I've already begun vector'ing these things, so thats where the true detail will show through, but these are a decent start as far as color, form, and concept go. 

I chose to keep the same garment across 3 different jerseys (small club, small budget I assume). I'm looking at a lightweight Nike polo, simple one color shorts, and maybe 2 sock styles with custom striping over top of a solid sock.

Home - Yellow/Gold shirt & sock // Black short & accent

Away - Blue shirt & sock // Shaded Blue color, cuff, short, striping // Gold accents

Alt - White shirt & sock // Shaded Blue accents & short // Blue -or- Shaded Blue pop-up color reveal (extra option)

and a little sample of possible color palette

Vectors to come soon!


Thanks for checking this out, my primary idea is to do a kit design for my local USL soccer team called the Pittsburgh Riverhounds.

The team has been around since 1999, changing stadiums and owners every few years but this year is different. Last weekend I went to the home opener at a brand new, city (riverside) stadium built just for the Riverhounds, who previously hopped around high school stadiums. The new stadium is awesome, the atmosphere immense, and the view of the city skyline is beautiful. I've just read that the club has plans to move into the MLS in the next 10 years.

The new uniforms for this year are... in my opinion bulky. They have a primary all-gold kit with a thick black boxy element and sponsor. The other 2 kits are full black and full blue I think with either black or white boxes of the same style. (I'll post a pic below). I think it can be much approved upon.

The colors are traditionally blue white and black, as a shout to Pittsburgh's blue collar community and apparently Everton FC as a training & academy partner.

The team badge is a "Riverhound" in reference to river dogs or barge workers.

My dilemna with the design is whether to focus on the bright future of the club (and its new beginnings) or to spotlight the rich history of pittsburgh, as it is so rooted in its baseball, hockey, and football teams.

I'll attach a bunch of uniform inspirations below:

First, what I could find of the current uniforms:

I'm no City fan but I find their kit and overall marketing design to be fantastic. Bold colors, tight fit, nice collars:

I love France's kits of recent years, look at how well this fits Malouda. Fits like a glove; fantastic use of almost all White also, tough to pull off!

Some football examples:

Lastly, I'm a fan of almost all of Joe Hart's keeping kits:

Even the bolder ones...

Last share, video on France's kit design, goes deeper than just the football.


Thanks for having a look, please share which kits you like from above, also which elements and colors and such stand out to you!

I'm excited to see what you all have in the works.



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