Road Trip

A woman embarks on a cross-country road trip with a near stranger in order to save money and split the costs of travel. She soon finds out that tragedy struck her family and she needs to get to the east coast as fast as possible. Dealing with major setbacks, a terrible travel partner, and the weight of trying to cope with a heavy tragedy, she believes she is going to lose her mind. 
Summer Camp
A young boy at summer camp crushes on his much older counselor. As she shows signs of reciprocating the feeling, he treads unfamiliar waters, both transitioning into puberty and falling in love. He quickly learns that not all love is equal, and as summer nears its end, he deals with his first heartbreak.
An only child of a family going through divorce spends all of her time in her yard, believing that the bad energy is only locked into the walls of the house. As the marriage deteriorates, she elevates her beliefs and begins making backyard objects into friends, showering in the pool, and even sleeping outside overnight. When her parents force her to re-enter life in the house, she fights the feeling that the walls are going to destroy her too.