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Jamie Olson

Self-employed Graphic Designer



PitchCork Bottled Herbs

Imagine yourself standing on the Italian coastline. Take a deep breath.

Taste that? Mist from the Mediterranean Sea fills your senses and consumes your mind.  Hunger bites at you as your mouth waters. Is there anything so enticing? 

PitchCork bottled herbs bring you back to the coast of Italy in the mid-1800s, before industrialization when the herb gardens were denser than the country's population. Cayenne, cinnamon, ginger, pepper, cloves, oregano, basil, bay leaves, sage and garlic are some of the featured products in the PitchCork line-up. 

I decided on designing for a brand I just created from scratch called PitchCork. Since I am going back into early agriculture I wanted to use a word for a tool or aid to show the helpfulness of the PitchCork product. As pitchfork is to gardening, herbs are to cooking. 

I plan to design the logo for PitchCork, draw the image/lettering to go along with each herb for the bottle label, design a tag to hang around the neck of the bottle describing the herb and then design the cork label as well. If time permits, I also thought of how nice it would be to have some sort of hanging feature for easy grab-and-go while cooking.

Round #1 :: Just getting into the swing of things. Older Italian inspired typography.

Any comments/advice regarding the character of each logo is welcomed! I love feedback.

Round #1.5 :: Coming up with possible wordmarks vs. lettermarks

Working on emblem logos, and looking into textures.


--- The latest sketches that I'm diving into...  

We have bottles!

Looking into tanning up the light paper with a light rub. Possibly watered down acrylic or ink. I think it will really help it pop. 


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