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Pitch to invite people to be change makers and vanguards of tomorrow

Take 2: Final Deliverable

Project Template:


1. What’s the focus/topic of your speech, presentation or pitch?

The focus of my pitch is “Becoming a change maker by bringing changes from within”

 2. Who is your intended audience?  

My audience is everyone who wants to make this world a better place to live in

3. Space/Location/Equipment

Where will you be presenting, what type of AV equipment will you have access to, what will you need to bring.

The forums will be held in large auditoriums across the world.  I will need a podium, microphone, and a projector with my I pad equipped with my power point display. I will also need a LARGE GLASS OF WATER!!!


4. How much time will you have to present?
I will present for 6 minutes 

5. KABOOM! (Impact)

By the end of your speech, how should the audience feel? What should they think? What do you want them to do? 

By the end of my speech I want everyone to have a perspective about the precarious situation we live in and how we as responsible humans, need to seek out the change in ourselves and inspire others to do the same. They should leave, hopeful and driven.



1. Tell them what you’re going to say. (Intro)

I am going to tell you about a cause that is very important to me – human rights particularly dealing with women’s status and perception in society.

I will talk about why these are pressing issues and how things are changing.

Finally I will talk about what we can do to make amends in our own way possible.

  2. Say it! (The Mighty Rule of 3)

  • Key Point 1 + Vessel for the Message- Invoke Reflection
  • Key Point 2 + Vessel for the Message – Will talk about the Why?  
  •  Key Point 3 + Vessel for the Message – Will talk about the How.


3. Tell them what you said. Yes, again. (Conclusion)


I know the facts I shared with you must have given you a bleak view of how things are. But let’s look at how things are changing

People are rising. We are becoming smarter and more compassionate. At the time of such global crises, we as a community of humans must work together.

Take 1: First Cut

Hello everyone!

I would love to speak to people about causes that require immediate attention. I would love to be able to motivate people to be the change they wish to see in this world, to be responsible of our present as well as our future.

Below is my first take at this - pardon me for the poor sound quality and hope you can understand what I am getting at with all my Indian torrents and intonation :)


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