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Whitney Eden

Digital Content Developer



Pitch to a magazine

I currently work in the tech space, writing, editing and doing social media. However, my passion lies in health and fitness, specially in the "Paleo" lifestyle. I'm interested in working with Paleo magazine. They're relatively new and don't have a position open that would align with my skills. So I'm emailing about potential opportunities. (We have mutual contacts, so I'm looking to get an introduction before I send this email.)

Hi Cain,

I would love an opportunity to work for Paleo magazine.

A little background about me: 3 years ago, I was a chain-smoking vegetarian who could barely do a pushup. After discovering Crossfit, I’ve overhauled my life, replacing happy hour with Oly lifting sessions (and I haven’t touched a cigarette in 2 years). Throughout this time, I’ve written for entertainment websites, travel blogs and hotels (with a little personal food blogging on the side).

Currently, I’m the Digital Content Developer for a tech website, managing their social media, as well as writing and editing. I noticed that you don’t have a dedicated person for social media and/or editing and I’d love to take on that role. Below, you’ll find a link to my writing portfolio, my Twitter account, as well as my brand’s Twitter account. To prove my editing ability, I’d be happy to copy edit one of your stories.

Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to speaking with you.



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