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Pitch to Ashley Jacobs : Broadcast

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Hello Ashley,


How would you like to get behind the bar this holiday season and mix up some of the hottest holiday drinks with some of our top Mixologists?


I’m Kiara with (Company), and I’d love to share some trending cocktails at Spiked, the handcrafted cocktail bar at Harrah’s Resort Southern California. Known for their unique house-made cocktails, including barrel-aged cocktails, Spiked makes their own unique version of Kahlua, Fireball, Bacon-Fat Bourbon and Raspberry Moonshine.


Behind the long bar, you will find Mixologists Jeff Lambkin, classic cocktail specialist and Armando Torres, modern cocktail specialist. Together this duo pulls from more than 80 whiskey bottles casted in a colorful silhouette, mixing up the perfect cocktails for their guests.

In addition, the menu is designed to have two different sides (name sides here), but no matter what side you fall on you know you’re getting a perfectly crafted cocktails using the highest quality spirits and fresh ingredients.


Is this cocktail story something you’re interested in sharing with your viewers!? We would be happy to brainstorm creative ways to make this segment fun and interesting!


Thank you so much for your time and consideration.



Kiara Smithee


Company Info / Logo:

Harrahs Resort Southern California 

777 Valley Center Rd, Valley Center, CA 92082 

Harrah's Resort Website

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