Pitch-o-rama - student project


***This reminds me of reading the back of VHS tapes at a video store***

1. Gina and John are con artists whose next target is a garish elderly couple. On an airplane ride to Paris they “meet” and charm the older couple which goes better than expected; the elderly couple is wealthier than they could imagine. Gina and John raise the stakes, but their targets aren't what they seem and Gina & John get a taste of their own medicine.

2. To prepare for an upcoming reunion with high school friends, Frank cleans up his act only to find he’s overdressed and too successful. For him the party becomes him downplaying his life until Cassandra arrives. He finds he must now shift gears and humble brag again if he has any hope of impressing her. 

3. After a long journey, Halle arrives in the dark of the night to a small cottage in the middle of a forest to learn more about her quest from her aunt, Sadie. Halle learns that she's an important part of multi-generational game of revenge which makes Halle’s mission to kill the prince all the more meaningful. Sadie's story about her family history involves her entire family and if she doesn't carry out her plan, she will lose everyone she loves.

4. Friends Alexandria and Umar visit an African village where the elders ask for their help in rescuing their famed leader. They visit the king only to find he’s a warlord who's planning to reek havok on his hometown. Alexandria and Umar must convince the king to rethink his plot but the King has set his sights on recruiting the pair.

5. Newlyweds Steve & Diane can’t wait to leave smelly, ugly New Jersey. But honeymooning in Paris for these two, is pure hell. They don’t speak French, everyone is rude, and neither feels up to the challenge of charming the locals or touring their vacation spot. Will they turn their trip around? Or will it teach them to love smells, sights, and comfort of New Jersey more than they ever knew?

6. Bernie is pretty sure his apartment is haunted and after weeks of bumps & howls  he confronts the ghost, who turns out to be really cool. Bernie and the ghost become fast friends. But as life moves on, he has a hard time incorporating the ghost into his circle of friends.

7. Tom and Jerry have been fighting for decades. After a particularly nasty brawl, Tom Jerry settle into a philosophical conversation on violence, struggle, the meaning of life, and habits. How will this new dimension of their relationship change their dynamic? 

Rachel Li

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