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Pitch To Local Paper on Local Fashion Week: Can Columbia Sustain A Local Fashion Week?

New York has a fashion week. Paris has a fashion week. Even Charleston, SC has a fashion week that has turned in itself into a pretty big event. Does Columbia Style Week have what it takes to attract a pretty decent crowd, amazing designers, fashion icons, and celebrites?

I am going to attend CSW's second outing this summer. This piece will be a review of CSW to see if it has made a bigger splash in the community than it did the year it premiered in the summer of 2012. I also want to compare it to last year and see if our fickle community has caught the CSW bug.

I attend New York Fashion Week twice a year, and have been to Charleston Fashion Week multiple times. I know that the founder of Columbia Style Week, Alicia Zeigler, wanted to base CSW on the format, look, and feel of Charleston Fashion Week. After last year's event, she is now taking on Girl's Night Out Concord, which is Concord, NC's fashion week.  I will be able to compare these fashion weeks to CSW to give the readers a little background on what makes a fashion week great.

I also know two of the designers presenting during Columbia Style Week, so I will be able to get a few quotes from them. Both of them showed their collections last year as well, so that would be nice to get a quote from them comparing both year's events. I also will be able to get some quotes from a few of the spectators and possibly Alicia too. I want to see how she is doing planning two fashion weeks.


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