Pitch Project

My interests include environment, health & wellness, spirituality, self-help, books & literature, and travel.

The following are a couple ideas for a pitch...

1. Profile on author Rebecca Serle

I've secured an interview with Rebecca Serle, author of young-adult novel, When You Were Mine. The book is also being considered for a feature film. I'm considering pitching this profile piece to Maui No Ka Oi magazine. Both Rebecca and I are from Maui and I think it'd be fitting to publish an interview with a local girl making it big in the literary world. I'm also considering pitching the interview to a YA literary magazine (online or printed). 

2. Insider Tips on Planning Your Destination Wedding

I have a friend who is the editor of Pacific Weddings magazine. I also have several friends who work in the industry here on Maui. I'd like to write a piece on often forgotten insider tips for planning a destination wedding. I'd like to interview a few industry workers and get their perspectives and tips. 

Now leaning more towards...

"5 Things I've learned as a New Yoga Teacher"

I'd like to pitch an article for a guest blog entry on elephant journal, a Yoga/Wellness/Lifestyle blog. I'd like to propose a piece on five important things I've learned as a new yoga teacher. I think it's absolutely relevant to their readership, as well as personal for me in my path as an instructor. It's straight forward and in list form. 

Rachael Helschein

Explorer, Writer, Yogini, Lifelong learner