Pitch: Plan Your Pet Into Your Wedding Without the Extra Baggage

Pitch: Plan Your Pet Into Your Wedding Without the Extra Baggage - student project

Updated with Pitch:

Dear Allan Morris:

Hiccup the cat had her photo taken with every wedding guest. She rode their shoulders, seemed to purr quietly in their arms, and was even game for taking a few snapshots with sunglasses on. Everyone shared a moment with my beloved pet without any stress on her at all. I was able to do this by making her participiation the personalized touch on all of my decorations. Her photo was a prop in my wedding night photobooth.

Some animals panic on planes. Venues don't always allow animals on their premises. Prime hotels charge outrageous costs for boarding. What’s a couple to do when their new union includes a furry family member that can’t be at their destination wedding? They may not be able to travel with their animal, but they can incorporate their pet into various aspects of their wedding. Beyond using her image as a prop for the photobooth, couples can use framed formal images by the dessert bar, add their pet to the cake topper, incorporate an animal theme, or incorporate other options I detail in a top ten formatted article. I think your readers can benefit from my proposal on how to plan their pet into their nuptials without the added stress of traveling with them. This could be a fitting article for your How To Marry section. I can also provide photos and additional writing for a sidebar on the right questions to ask your venue if they do allow pets.

I am a freelance writer that has worked at a well known performing arts center and aided in creating their policy for allowing pets on campus for events. Thank you for your time and consideration. I can be contacted by email and phone as listed below.


Cathy Axibal-Cordero


Topics I'd like to Write About: Cats, Parenthood, Weddings, Business, Asian Lifestyle:

I am new to freelance writing and am interested in writing on lots of topics. So far my writing has specialized on Wedding Planning, Cats, and Women's general interests.


This is right up my alley. I planned my out of town wedding on my own while maintaining a full-time job. I'm a natural planner and my method of organization was the only way I could balance my life. Having experience working at a venue that has a lot of weddings, I wanted to write about avoiding problems with venue management, including your pet in your nuptials, and creating a wedding newsletter for your wedding party.


I don't know anything on this topic, but am eager to learn. I like learning about different cultures so initially I'd like to explore that angle of it. Whereas motherhood is a worldwide shared experience, women in different countries experience it so differently. I'd like to talk about the cultural aspect of motherhood and how to benefit from your or another culture's methods.

Cats and Animal Behavior:

I have a cat, and know that overall there is a higher population of cats as pets than dogs in the US (although, more households have dogs). I want to research how to strengthen the bond between animals and their human partners, feature what humans can learn from their pets, and discuss how to introduce pets to babies, to start.

Business Management and Trends:

Since this is a topic that generally stumps people I want to make it easier to understand, especially for small business owners and those that juggle multiple things like parenthoold and another job.

Feminist Slant for Asian Magazines:

I can't seem to find many Asian lifestyle magazines in print, so if anyone knows of any besides Hyphen I'd appreciate it. I think I'm too late for Audrey.

*I tried to find a project cover photo that covered most of these topics...


Happy Writing,