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Pitch: Grace Like An Avalanche

This pitch is for a Christian magazine called Relevant Magazine, which writes about God, life, and culture. Thank you all for your feedback!

Dear Tyler Huckabee,

What is my worth? What is my value? I think these are questions that every single person has asked themselves, at one time or another. I grew up with this idea and belief that everything that was ever given to me had to be earned. I used to have such a difficult time receiving things from people. I remember how awkward I felt receiving birthday gifts as a kid. I never felt worthy of someone’s time or money, let alone God’s love and attention.

I believed that if anyone really got to know me, they would quickly realize that I didn’t deserve their gift, whatever that might be. It wasn’t like I was out committing debauchery, or robbing people, or murdering puppies. I just had this feeling of dirtiness and unworthiness that I couldn’t shake off. But as I continued on this journey called life, I came to discover that worthiness has nothing to do with it. Sons and daughters don’t worry about being worthy. All they do is receive what is given to them, no questions asked.

Ephesians says, “You are saved by grace, through faith, not of your own works. It is a free gift of God lest anyone should boast.” Did you catch that? It’s a gift. The thing with a gift is a gift ceases being a gift the moment the person who received the gift, attempts to pay back the person who gave the gift. There is no paying back with God. There is no running away from grace. It's like this relentless avalanche that you can't escape.

In a narrative tone, I would like to write about this thing called grace and how I came to know it. Without an idea of what grace is, people can go their whole lives trying to earn God’s love and burn out never coming close. That or live a ridiculous life expecting God to forgive them every single time once Sunday comes around, which He does forgive every time, but there’s more to grace than that. It's the essence of our belief system.

I think this would be a really great topic for your magazine and a creative approach to not only what grace is, but Who grace is. Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Israel Ledesma


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