Pitch For So Delicious Brand Coconut Milk- 3 Reasons So Delicious Is Best For Your Body

Hello Hilary,

I'm Kim Smyth, a freelance writer and blogger in the field of alternative health. With my medical background, I feel I would able to contribute a new perspective on the health benefits of drinking your product. 

My idea is to create the type of post that explains how one can incorporate the product into their diet, outlining the core topcs of great taste and the many benefits that come from drinking it. 

My goal is to get readers to download your e-letter and recipes and connect with you on social media. I will convince them why yours is the best brand to buy, since I have personal experience with the brand and love it. I have also mentioned your brand in my blog and even included a picture as part of my old logo. 

Here is a link to my portfolio-kimsmyth.contently.com-where you can find samples of my writing. I'd love to chat with you at your convenience so we can get something scheduled on the books.

Talk soon

Kim Smyth

[email protected]


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